At the bend of a road trip: the Reims-Gueux circuit in the early morning

I like road trips. I like road trips with hazardous stops but I like road trips with precise timing just as much. The invitation is always the road, and don’t we say that the important thing is not the destination, it’s the journey? So let’s get back on the road, towards Champagne, between Paris and Germany, being in the heart of Champagne the Reims-Gueux circuit.

Your servant, the Benoist stand, facing the pit.

On this August morning, I had, while on vacation, set my alarm clock. You must surely see what kind of revival I’m talking about. An awakening that you don’t want to miss, an almost useless awakening. See, these revivals that we’ve already woken up to before the alarm clock rings. The excitement does the rest.

That morning, I had in mind to photograph the Reims-Gueux circuit at sunrise. The passing night, the piercing sun, the illuminated stands, the yellow tar. It was early morning and I reveled in it. For a few hours, like an endless race with the sun which always wins as the only opponent, I strolled to photograph, to immortalize this circuit that I love so much. Grazing light and long shadows.

The result is these photos, these pictures that I entrust to you here. They were taken on Monday July 27, 2020 between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., depending on the rising sun, the changing light, depending on the location. This report finished, I returned to the hotel to find my dear and tender for breakfast. We resumed the road.

Have a good day,

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