The old-fashioned charm of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus


In the age of social networks, and by the will of its founder Jim Glickenhaus, we were able to experience each stage of the birth of the SCG 007C, with photos, videos, on all social networks. This line of communication is a real chance for us enthusiasts and I must admit that finding this special atmosphere, almost rediscovering a past era, really enchants me. I deeply admire this team.

At Podium in Italy, the first chassis of the Glickenhaus SCG007 Hypercar in assembly.

With this team, which does not hide like Peugeot or Audi could hide in anticipation of Le Mans, we can feel all the passion there. The passion of a man first of all, then the passion of teams, men and women. In this adventure, these actors must certainly find the philosophy of their beginnings in competition, in a small team, in an amateur atmosphere, with here a professional approach.

Note all the same that if Peugeot or Audi are hiding, it is because the stakes are far from being the same as at Glickenhaus. Don’t make me say what I didn’t say. Passion and professionalism are surely just as present at the heart of the brands mentioned above. If Peugeot or another major manufacturer wins Le Mans, sales will flow. If Glickenhaus wins Le Mans, we’ll all be happy and a hell of a page in endurance history will be written. It’s all about positioning.

Romain Dumas, double winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, lends a hand to Glickenhaus.

XXL team

To tackle a challenge like the WEC and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Scuderia has not done things by halves. The assembly of the car is guaranteed by Podium Advanced Technologies, the mechanics provided by Pipo Moteurs, the operation by Joest Racing, the wind tunnel work will be carried out at Sauber, Michelin provides the tires and Motul provides financial and technical support. The assembly seems far from ridiculous from here.

As for the drivers, the American Jim Glickenhaus did not do things by halves. Three French drivers are appointed: Romain Dumas, Olivier Pla and Franck Mailleux, the historic driver of the Scuderia. Alongside them are Australian Ryan Briscoe, Brazilian Pipo Derani, Briton Richard Westbrook and American Gustavo Menezes. Seven pilots are thus present in the purse.

High program

After a first start, the first meters, the first laps of the tracks, the team’s first conclusions are motivating. Yesterday Thursday February 25 and today Friday 26, Romain Dumas and Franck Mailleux respectively took the wheel of the car. So the first turns of the wheel took place on Italian soil, on the Vallelunga circuit, a few hours after the assembly.

The next deadlines for the team are the homologation of the car, high speed tests in Monza, two days of testing in Vallelunga and finally a 30-hour endurance test on the Motorland Aragon circuit. It’s frugal but it’s a game for a small team. The debut of SCG 007C is scheduled for the 6 hours of Spa-Francorchamps, on May 1, 2021. Indeed, the coronavirus crisis has shifted the entire program. The first laps were to take place in mid January and the team will miss the start of the season planned in Portimao the first weekend of April.

My heart balances

Between Alpine, Audi and Glickenhaus, my heart swings. And as Ferrari has just announced its arrival in 2023, so there … The next few years of global endurance promise to be fantastic. I can’t wait to be at Le Mans, I really miss this race but don’t count on me to have a favorite, a favorite. I will be torn, but passionate, playful, smile on my face.

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Pics © Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus

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